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To overview and monitor the local Mental Health & Substance Abuse system. To Advocate for persons with serious mental illness. To provide advice to the governing body (Board of Supervisors) and the local Mental Health & Substance Abuse Director.


Review and evaluate the community's mental health needs, services, facilities, and special problems. Review any County agreement entered pursuant to Section 5650. Review and approve the procedures used to ensure citizen and professional involvement at all stages of the planning process. Submit an Annual Report to the governing body on the needs and performance of the County Mental Health system. Review and make recommendations on applications for the appointment of a local Mental Health Director. Review and comment on the County's performance outcome data & communicate its finding to the State Mental Health Commission. Other duties as transferred by the governing body.

Board Members

Behavioral Health Board welcomes your participation or comments for the improvement of mental health and substance abuse services delivery.

Name Position
Joesph Dittmann Chairperson
Michael Corsaro Sr. Vice-Chairperson
Cary Martin Board Member
Frances Hernandez Board Member
Karen Ivy Board Member
Lori Hansen Board Member
Ingrid Oliver Board Member
Daphne Shaw Board Member
Tasso Kandris Board Member
Vaunita Duval Board Member
Mudalodu Vasudevan Board Member
Jeff Giampetro Board Member

Contact US

You can reach any of the Board members by contacting:
Isabel Espinosa
Board Secretary
(209)468-8753 Phone
(209)468-2399 Fax